Friday, February 8, 2013

Substance Barbie Entp

The name Substance Barbie is something, a came up with awhile ago.. Frankly, the idea in which substance Barbie represents is something I remember envisioning as a child. One day  I remember  becoming a fire fighter seemed to be an interest of mine as the truck passed flashing by. It wasn't long after the noise of the sirens subsided that the idea became less appealing.  I enjoyed  the concept of what a firefighter accomplished, but decided that being a firefighter all the time would never satisfy me entirely. I continued to think how unfulfilling it would be to just have one job. As a six year old I had big dreams and inclination to do every job, be everything.. I still do.
And factually and  this idea ties perfectly in with what is now my lifes' dream. Something I have yet to  mention in my posts until now.. a dream To one day be self sustaining.

~ as long as I can remember I have been an ambitious over achiever. As a child, with my intellect & charm, As a teenager, with my outrageous personality, & now as a young adult, in all things I strive to achieve proficiently.And my goodness are my standards high. Aside from this paradigm I hold of myself, I  do find things to move much more smoothly if I exclude these expectations from my interactions with persons in which there is no dire need of expectation to be held.. I would presume, that would be because without expectation there is no possible comparison therefore the result is always perfect. This concept may very well not be of matter  if it weren't for the exclusions, divisions & comparisons of most things that are included in , the societal structure of todays world. This hypothesis  I believe would be undeniable if we lived in a different way. even I struggle with this idea from time to time. This is when the Truth of Life with Love beyond all material matter is the answer for me. Life with Love . yes.

How easy that was to get off topic {:
But not really,  because life is my topic and everything in which I mention  ties in with a larger story.
I did mean to mention other things in this entry but I feel that I should leave It at that for today.

~* one more thing .My Latte art skills are newley developed thanks to the inspiration& opportunity  my lovely workplace has given me. And absolutely will I continue to grow with this art in each of my attempts. I have fallen in love with the art of Latte. Id say about 75% percent of the time do I make great silky milk for lattes . And about 35 % of the time do I make acceptable cappuccino foam. So, im getting there and from what I have been told it will just take practice and I think one day ill eventually catch on for good and it'll stick like. Wah ~ La ! {; I can experimentally get away with creating imagery in a latte such as a simple flower, heart, tree or mushroom. But today was my first attempt in using mocha  to create what is meant to be an absolutely beautiful flower which I believe resembles a poinsettia. This was my first try ever and only try for the day. By no means is it picture perfect. And This foam is definitely not included in my 75% success rate. But conscious of  my own potential, The experience was most exciting for me {: I will post my next attempt {: But here is todays work. ~ Tah, Tah for now. ~

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  1. I wonder often if when we have preconcienved expectations it only yields either confirmation or disappointment. It is difficult, because experience tells us that occurrences repeat, but I like your thought that such expectations are not always necessary. I find I can be surprised by wonderful details I'd never have noticed if I search for confirmation of my notions amidst disagreeable semantics in a situation.

    Like, I guess- with a painting. If I paint a mountain to be like a mountain before- I might be disappointed by any inconsistencies in the paint mixings or brush strokes, but certainly happy if I've practiced and can repeat my technique.. But if I can clear my head for moment, and let myself be happy with whatever comes out- often new mountains take form and I enjoy many discoveries on reflection. Be them lessons, or gifts from the forces between the brush and the canvas.