Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Usually, Not So Usual.

Enjoy ,
"Aerodynamics" by Johnathan Lavine a.ka. Mars1
 I Have disabled my Facebook account for the time being. My blog is still in the works of becoming a fancy little example of what my life consists of.. For now, There is no theme.
Simply, I would call it,  Life as I know it
and I do graciously thank each and every one of you who's existing interest  resides within the realm of my attempt to write a blog ( Some thing I am figuring out ) and for gracing your mighty eyes upon this page of course {;
Not too far off ago  3 'pm I would say, was I released from the circling abyss of restaurant pratique,  to bring myself back to the abyss, of what has happened to be (& currently is) my house ~! Its only been like this for a day or two I promise ! I've actually recently become a freaky neat freak within the last of month  & I have come to enjoy being this way, despite its  current & temporary presentation. Which has yet to actually bother me...  Regardless ill stick to the good streak of habit I have going for myself...
I'd really like to say the reason for the current nature of my being has been the last week of happenings, but quite honestly, when I come think of it, The last month has been an absolute dream !
 With dream being said don't we all just think of cozy marshmallow clouds and a land of lemon drops.~ Mhmm... ~* ^..^*~
~That very well could be the case. Although it hasn't been exactly that. I can say forsure That the pace at which life has been passing me, recently resembles that of a dream quite well.   entirely, I recollect good tidings and cheer, though, there have been  tough moments too...
It seems as if things have been a lot more intense. More so now than of all the time I have  spent here on earth ! Things are becoming official, They ARE official. Each passing moment has volumes of credibility within my life these days. I would say I am holding up quite well. I would even say I am Proud. I feel like an adult, an elderly woman even I could imagine myself being. Every move I make is of importance. Setting in.. Life is of importance.. I will turn 19 years on the first of April. and I already have accepted the 19th year as mine. I  am entering the time of which some may call my "prime".  I would surely have to agree. I feel so Empowered  & Strong! Empowered as a Woman, Empowered as a student, Empowered as a Teacher, Empowered as Me. I am alive. and I have never realized it more Than now. The  intensity of it all at times could sometimes be so much for me.  I truly cannot imagine what the future holds.. For now I am smooth sailing. I feel I have the whole world in my hands. In a place of light I am & So Thankful for that I am. Embracing the moments  whole heartedly & learning, is the path I am on, and will continue to stay. Its as if I could burst out from my skin and through the air  into the light being I am Inside & Above at any time. Taking things slowly helps keep me grounded.
My goals for the week consist of:
~Memorizing A few French phrases & personal introductions. (* A newly Sparked interest of mine*!)
~Making it to the gym 4 times this week & constructing new workout regimen including running
~Finishing a pair of wrist cuffs, wrist warmers, and one other craft by Friday (I've been totally slacking)
~ Work on and through at least a chapter of mathematical skills demonstrated within the book of GED (arg rawr ~! Not the time to explain)
~ Officialize decision of whether or not a liver cleanse will take place & if so thoroughly come to conclusion of when, where and how this shall take place.

** I don't religiously set goals or make to do lists according to the week but I figure since life is passing me by faster than I can take it all in it might be good to keep track of my accomplishments and what needs to happen so I don't get sidetracked. Which can so very easily happen !**

~ Anything else that needs to happen !
~  Find Prince Charming ( uh, giggles. Maybe back in lemon drop land...Which way to there again!?) Truly, a dream.

In the mean time, as I am in the works, I would absolutely love to hear feedback from my guests in a little comment.  I am enjoying writing so far, This is my first blog ever, so perhaps if you have any questions, request or comments.. at All.. I would be absolutely delighted to know, answer &/or respond. Thank you and I love each and every one of you ! Truly I do. Thank you for supporting me and being apart of the life I hold so dearly to my heart.
~Blessed Be.

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