Friday, February 8, 2013

Substance Barbie Entp

The name Substance Barbie is something, a came up with awhile ago.. Frankly, the idea in which substance Barbie represents is something I remember envisioning as a child. One day  I remember  becoming a fire fighter seemed to be an interest of mine as the truck passed flashing by. It wasn't long after the noise of the sirens subsided that the idea became less appealing.  I enjoyed  the concept of what a firefighter accomplished, but decided that being a firefighter all the time would never satisfy me entirely. I continued to think how unfulfilling it would be to just have one job. As a six year old I had big dreams and inclination to do every job, be everything.. I still do.
And factually and  this idea ties perfectly in with what is now my lifes' dream. Something I have yet to  mention in my posts until now.. a dream To one day be self sustaining.

~ as long as I can remember I have been an ambitious over achiever. As a child, with my intellect & charm, As a teenager, with my outrageous personality, & now as a young adult, in all things I strive to achieve proficiently.And my goodness are my standards high. Aside from this paradigm I hold of myself, I  do find things to move much more smoothly if I exclude these expectations from my interactions with persons in which there is no dire need of expectation to be held.. I would presume, that would be because without expectation there is no possible comparison therefore the result is always perfect. This concept may very well not be of matter  if it weren't for the exclusions, divisions & comparisons of most things that are included in , the societal structure of todays world. This hypothesis  I believe would be undeniable if we lived in a different way. even I struggle with this idea from time to time. This is when the Truth of Life with Love beyond all material matter is the answer for me. Life with Love . yes.

How easy that was to get off topic {:
But not really,  because life is my topic and everything in which I mention  ties in with a larger story.
I did mean to mention other things in this entry but I feel that I should leave It at that for today.

~* one more thing .My Latte art skills are newley developed thanks to the inspiration& opportunity  my lovely workplace has given me. And absolutely will I continue to grow with this art in each of my attempts. I have fallen in love with the art of Latte. Id say about 75% percent of the time do I make great silky milk for lattes . And about 35 % of the time do I make acceptable cappuccino foam. So, im getting there and from what I have been told it will just take practice and I think one day ill eventually catch on for good and it'll stick like. Wah ~ La ! {; I can experimentally get away with creating imagery in a latte such as a simple flower, heart, tree or mushroom. But today was my first attempt in using mocha  to create what is meant to be an absolutely beautiful flower which I believe resembles a poinsettia. This was my first try ever and only try for the day. By no means is it picture perfect. And This foam is definitely not included in my 75% success rate. But conscious of  my own potential, The experience was most exciting for me {: I will post my next attempt {: But here is todays work. ~ Tah, Tah for now. ~

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Banana Pancakes

~2 Bananas
~1/4 cup gluten-free baking flour
~1/4 cup oats
~sprinkle of Vietnamese cinnamon
~sprinkle of cardamom
~sprinkle of poppy seed
~Tbsp. of chia seed. mixed & set in 4 Tbsp. water 3 mins.
~less thank 1/4 cup  coconut milk
~handful or nuts and/or seeds of your choice.
: mix  Banana, coconut milk, cinnamon, chia seed, cardamom together.
  then add  gluten free flour & oats. Mix together till dough forms moistly together yet firm.
Heat a Tbsp. of coconut oil in a skillet pan and make desired pancake size.
Drizzle Honey over pancake with a pinch of cinnamon as well.
Vegan, Gluten Free, Simple &  Undeniably Delicious !

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Usually, Not So Usual.

Enjoy ,
"Aerodynamics" by Johnathan Lavine a.ka. Mars1
 I Have disabled my Facebook account for the time being. My blog is still in the works of becoming a fancy little example of what my life consists of.. For now, There is no theme.
Simply, I would call it,  Life as I know it
and I do graciously thank each and every one of you who's existing interest  resides within the realm of my attempt to write a blog ( Some thing I am figuring out ) and for gracing your mighty eyes upon this page of course {;
Not too far off ago  3 'pm I would say, was I released from the circling abyss of restaurant pratique,  to bring myself back to the abyss, of what has happened to be (& currently is) my house ~! Its only been like this for a day or two I promise ! I've actually recently become a freaky neat freak within the last of month  & I have come to enjoy being this way, despite its  current & temporary presentation. Which has yet to actually bother me...  Regardless ill stick to the good streak of habit I have going for myself...
I'd really like to say the reason for the current nature of my being has been the last week of happenings, but quite honestly, when I come think of it, The last month has been an absolute dream !
 With dream being said don't we all just think of cozy marshmallow clouds and a land of lemon drops.~ Mhmm... ~* ^..^*~
~That very well could be the case. Although it hasn't been exactly that. I can say forsure That the pace at which life has been passing me, recently resembles that of a dream quite well.   entirely, I recollect good tidings and cheer, though, there have been  tough moments too...
It seems as if things have been a lot more intense. More so now than of all the time I have  spent here on earth ! Things are becoming official, They ARE official. Each passing moment has volumes of credibility within my life these days. I would say I am holding up quite well. I would even say I am Proud. I feel like an adult, an elderly woman even I could imagine myself being. Every move I make is of importance. Setting in.. Life is of importance.. I will turn 19 years on the first of April. and I already have accepted the 19th year as mine. I  am entering the time of which some may call my "prime".  I would surely have to agree. I feel so Empowered  & Strong! Empowered as a Woman, Empowered as a student, Empowered as a Teacher, Empowered as Me. I am alive. and I have never realized it more Than now. The  intensity of it all at times could sometimes be so much for me.  I truly cannot imagine what the future holds.. For now I am smooth sailing. I feel I have the whole world in my hands. In a place of light I am & So Thankful for that I am. Embracing the moments  whole heartedly & learning, is the path I am on, and will continue to stay. Its as if I could burst out from my skin and through the air  into the light being I am Inside & Above at any time. Taking things slowly helps keep me grounded.
My goals for the week consist of:
~Memorizing A few French phrases & personal introductions. (* A newly Sparked interest of mine*!)
~Making it to the gym 4 times this week & constructing new workout regimen including running
~Finishing a pair of wrist cuffs, wrist warmers, and one other craft by Friday (I've been totally slacking)
~ Work on and through at least a chapter of mathematical skills demonstrated within the book of GED (arg rawr ~! Not the time to explain)
~ Officialize decision of whether or not a liver cleanse will take place & if so thoroughly come to conclusion of when, where and how this shall take place.

** I don't religiously set goals or make to do lists according to the week but I figure since life is passing me by faster than I can take it all in it might be good to keep track of my accomplishments and what needs to happen so I don't get sidetracked. Which can so very easily happen !**

~ Anything else that needs to happen !
~  Find Prince Charming ( uh, giggles. Maybe back in lemon drop land...Which way to there again!?) Truly, a dream.

In the mean time, as I am in the works, I would absolutely love to hear feedback from my guests in a little comment.  I am enjoying writing so far, This is my first blog ever, so perhaps if you have any questions, request or comments.. at All.. I would be absolutely delighted to know, answer &/or respond. Thank you and I love each and every one of you ! Truly I do. Thank you for supporting me and being apart of the life I hold so dearly to my heart.
~Blessed Be.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Naturally, fitness

Its like this, What is known and what is unknown. evolving between the lines. riding the wave of evolutionary being at all times.  be. here. now.  -more to it than there may be..  or rather simply subjecting to the essence  ~

 I like to exercise personal expression through philosophical writing at times. although  seemingly vague,  this holding great deal of relevance to my holistic experience & matters at hand.

Blog Numero Uno.
Lets do This.
I'd like to think of this more as an informational digital pamphlet.
Most likely. Until I am fluid with personal presentation online I'll probably start out pretty,Official {;
 I feel as if my blood sugar is running low Despite the fact, ill continue writing And Certainly I can imagine how i became to feel this way.  The absolutely delicious  Coffee I drank  BEFORE My late 11:oo o clock sautéed veggie breakfast. The coffee in which happened to include a pump of caramel... Perhaps ? Indeed ! This.  Tsk! Tsk! !  Insulin ! There we have it. What a topic to begin with?. Quite a prominent  & seeming absolute nuisance; I  have encounters with in the life of health & Wellness on a daily basis !. Ideally, I would love to entirely expel of The matters existence occouring within mine. But I have yet to become able to exclude myself from partaking in the delightful enjoyment it so happens to bring me. With that being said,. What Kind of person correlates a pump of caramel sauce included in there mornings dark roast of coffee to an assortment of connections pertaining to The body's State of Health. Assuringly enough, I do. and I do not have diabetes.  nor do I diagnose myself with any other written off diabolic disorder. Health is the goal here. And As I am writing this, I instantly come to a firm decision  that this next month of February I must buckle down entirely  and exercise my full potential in the practice of  My Fitness/Nutrition regime ! although I currently Whole Heartedly stick to an Non toxic, alkalized, gluten free meat & milk - less, Plant Based Organic, All Natural, Non Genetically Modified Diet. . . ..If I want acquire the abs I have changed my entire life to acquire over the  last year& a half I am going to have to make this more of a lifestyle than I thought I had made it. Needless to say,  I truly do Have Fitness and That  Particular Desire, to Thank, for, the inspirational motivation it gave me to fall in love with Scientific Nutrition and concurrently,  its connection to Mind, Body and Spiritual Optimization. Moving forward,  I feel this dream (in particular) goes beyond Food Purification... I am by no means a body builder or fitness model nor do I have any goal to be so.  I do feel having a defined core as a human being is a representation of optimal health and functioning; when gained & maintained by healthful means. At my leanest state. I weigh in at 144 lbs Standing 5 feet 11 Inches tall with a recorded 19.7 % body fat.  with muscular prominence beaming from all body parts, yet lacking a  defined 6 pack abdomen..~ Assuringly,  In this state , I feel  wonderful.~ At Times I have believed it to be enough.~  But at the same time I also  feel this is my state of plateau. ~  That's the best I have accomplished in my entire life. ~That, even  still sometimes.. not enough., for me.  ~That balance~. is the quest to continue on. or even forget ~
This is likely a huge symbolic example in the quest of balance of duality within my life. Many perceptions and out looks can be applied to this what I consider  to be controversial topic. But purely, does this journey come from within  me. With intention of achieving my heighest state of capability as  the life being I am, & am meant to become.  none the less.. High vibrations of perseverance with a grounding intuitional conscience. I Bring peace to Myself and to the external world when able to.  for that place of infinite  opportunity within all realms of the universe I shall attain THROUGH the journey. . The Way. The Truth. Here. Gting Real. For me, At Least. Duality. Greatness. Truth. Intuition. Darkness & Light. Love. Strength. How much are we capable of ? What is necessary to attain it?  Even feeling can be an illusion. The Way I See It..